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Bring People in through Membership Sites

Membership sites are just what their name indicates . these are sites where you
are asking people to become members of a site and in return you are providing
them with a host of value-added services. These people are the members of the
site, which is something of the sort of an Internet club where they enjoy special
privileges. On most membership sites, the members are provided with some free
offers and downloads and they get privileges on various affiliate sites too. Many
social networking sites are also membership sites. There, you become a member
so that you can gain access to network with other people. There are dozens of
game membership sites too, where the reward of becoming a member is that you
can play games . which could be free online versions or downloadable versions
that you can get at a lower price.
The basic concept of a membership site is that you keep your goodies hidden
from the general Internet public and allow them access to it only when they have
taken the membership action that you ask them to. This action could be filling up
an online form, with or without payment, writing an email to you to express their
desire to join the site and so on. Even if you don.t actively ask for payment, you
are building a relationship. You are generating a list of leads, to which you can
promote your other commercial efforts.
However, you must know that membership sites do take a lot of effort. You have
to have a unique concept to make your membership site a hit and you have to
make constant efforts to provide high-quality stuff to your members. They are
going to be disappointed otherwise and you are going to lose all the potential you
have built up. A failed membership site is a big disgrace in the Internet marketing
world. It can eat into your other prospects too.
However, if you have the passion and the zeal for it, go right ahead and build a
membership site. You will soon be hobnobbing with a lot of people having your
similar tastes and interests. And, you will be making a good amount of money
through it too.

Vend Software and make Millions

Vend Software and make Millions
Selling software is one of the most emphatic routes to make good money on the
Internet. People who use computers are always trying to make their jobs easier or
to add more quality to their jobs. That is the reason they are looking for good
software all the time. With broadband Internet, it has become so very easy to
provide software in downloadable formats. You promote a link from where
people can download a particular software and allow them to access it when they
make payment. They will pay and you give them the link to download the
Many marketers tease people by giving them demo versions of the software for
free. This allows the downloaders to understand the quality of the product before
they decide to spend good money on it. These demo versions generally have some
features locked or they are timed demos which expire after an hour.s worth of
usage or so. When that happens, people are prompted to buy the product to make
use of it limitlessly.
So, what must this software be like? People on the Internet like each and every
kind of software. Or, let us put that in another way - each and every type of
software on the Internet will find takers. There.s a niche for everything on the
Internet. So, if you have made a software application that will help Grandma
remember her recipes or made a software that will help a businessman with his
end-of-the-year accounting, you are going to find people who will be willing to
download that and check it out. The success lies in the promotion.
For promotion, you can use more of the same methods that you have been using
all along. If your software becomes prominent, especially in places where your
niche market usually visits, you could be assured of a healthy flow of
downloaders. At the same time, you have to remember that there is no lifespan
for this. There will always be downloaders, provided you promote well and keep
upgrading your software, which means, you can keep generating a flow of passive
income through this.
You do not need to have your own software application either. You could buy the
resell rights of software and sell it. There are several creative people on the
Internet who like building software but don.t like the marketing aspect of it.
These people give away the software they have developed for a price. You can
modify these software applications to an extent and in some cases you can
rebrand them too. Of course, you sell them at a much higher and enduring price
than you bought it for.
You could just look for .software resell rights. on Google to find a host of such

Infopublishing can make you Important on the Internet

Infopublishing can make you Important on the
Infopublishing is an Internet-age term which implies the publishing on
information-rich content on the Internet. This content can take any form, but
generally when we speak about infopublishing, we are talking about eBooks,
newsletters, videos, audiobooks and the like. Generally, this is content that
people can download and store on their hard disk and withdraw it later according
to their convenience. There is one more common strand running through all the
infopublishing devices - they must provide good content to the user.
There are two ways in which you can get into the infopublishing business:-
(i) You could create the info content yourself or outsource it to someone so
that you have your own product to sell.
(ii) You could promote someone else.s product on your website or blog.
Either way, you are distributing informative content.
One of the ways to distribute this content is through affiliate marketing. If you are
going to promote products of other people, you could select the available
products from an affiliate network and sell it through a service like AdWords. In
that case, you would not need to have your own website or blog even. However,
you could also sell such a product directly. Selling makes a good option if your
product is good quality. Using methods such as SEO, viral marketing, social
networking and such, you could build a brand presence for your product and
garner a market for it. Once that is created, you will find that your product starts
earning for you an unending stream of income.
If you have your own product, there are many more advantages. Number one,
people associate you with someone who is an expert in the subject. Your name in
the byline means a lot for your credibility. This will ensure that your other
products get a niche for themselves too. Now, having your own product does not
mean that you have to sit and create stuff yourself. You could outsource work
quite easily. On jobsites such as GetAFreelancer
( and ScriptLance
(, it is quite easy to find professionals who would
work for you at an attractive price, and give you the rights of their work.
For video content, you could publish interesting videos on YouTube
( and combine their impact with another product that
you are selling. Your video provides people with good information and at the
same time provides a link from where they can download an eBook that you are
promoting. That way, you can combine your marketing efforts and gain added
Get the maximum mileage out of your infopublishing endeavor. If you are looking
to stick with your online home business for a long time, you will need a presence
on the Internet, and nothing works better than infopublishing for that.

Blog your Way to Internet Richness

Blog your Way to Internet Richness
The one thing about blogging that you need to know is that you can monetize it in
several different ways. There isn‟t just one way in which you can make money out
of a blog; there are several. Once you have a blog of your own, it is a learning
experience in itself. But, at the same time, the money begins flowing in almost
immediately, which motivates you into milking your blog further.
A very good platform to build your blog would be Wordpress
( or Blogger ( These are
blog platforms, i.e. you can create your blog using the software they provide. In
addition, you will also need some hosting space and domain name to set your
blog running.
The one difference between Wordpress and Blogger is that Blogger is a free tool.
That means, you will have to contend with advertisements from other people on
your blog. Wordpress is considered to be more focused and speaks better of the
commercial blogger‟s intentions.
Another blogging service that you might like is Typepad
( Typepad is an uploading and hosting service. You
just pay them, build your blog through Wordpress, and Typepad will take care of
the uploading and hosting. One perk is that Typepad does a lot of search engine
optimization for you, so you can be sure that your blog will begin ranking high
right from the start.
If you get good content on your blog (including keyword optimized text, videos
and photos), you can be sure that it will get populated soon. The search engines
love blogs because they get a constant update of content and because so many
people keep visiting them. In today‟s scenario, blogs are more effective in
The following are some ways in which you can monetize your blog:-
 You could use PPC advertising on your blog.
 You could directly sell or advertise products.
„_ You could give away an eBook or a newsletter subscription and get leads.
„_ You could build a blog, populate it and then sell the whole thing for a tidy

Build a Niche Content Site to take your Business to a New Level

Build a Niche Content Site to take your Business to a
New Level
What.s a niche content site, to begin with? A niche content site is a site that
panders to a particular group of people. Like gardening is a niche; cooking is a
niche; motor repair is a niche. Other people would not be interested in reading
about these topics. But, people who are interested in these topics will surely
throng your website and even come repeatedly to look for new information that
you must put up all the time.
There can be a niche within a niche. Like, in gardening, there could be a subniche
of how to do away with aphids or how to use the right mix of fertilizers to
make those grapes bigger. These are sub niches. You must remember one thing
here¡¦ the narrower you are making your niche, the lesser is the number of
people you are getting for your site, but at the same time, these people are more
focused and they will be more interested in doing business with you.
Think about it. If someone really wants to have some information on aphid
removal, they are not going to find too many sites on it. If your site has that
content and also promotes some product relating to it, like an aphid spray, the
likelihood of that visitor buying the product from your site is indeed high.
This is the way you need to go about it.
. First, think of a popular niche that you would like to build a site on. You
could go to places like Google Suggest (
and check out what many people are looking for.
. Google Suggest will also give you a host of keywords that you can use.
These are the keywords that people are popularly searching.
. Build content. You will need to have at least 50 pages or so of content to
make some kind of impact. Spruce up this content by using right
keywords so that it reaches out to the people who are looking for the
specific information.
. Then, look for products on your affiliate network site to promote on your
niche site. Refer to chapter 1 on how to become a member of an affiliate
network site. You can put ads in the form of text and banners. By
having your own site, you are saving money on advertising services
such as Google AdWords. You have to popularize your site so that more
people visit, which in turn will increase the number of clicks (and sales)
that you get. At the same time, the popularity of your ads will increase
the prospect of your website.

Unleashing the Untold Wealth of Affiliate Marketing

If anyone was asked to name a single method that marketers use to make a
surefire rapid income on the Internet, then most of them would give you the same
answer . ¡°affiliate marketing¡±. Though there are dozens of home business models
on the Internet, it is quite safe to say that affiliate marketing must rank within the
top three, or maybe even at the top of the heap.
Basically, the affiliate marketing model means to promote someone.s product
over the Internet. You are helping them with their advertising and are getting
paid a commission for that.
You can start by making an account on an affiliate network such as the Hydra
Network ( This is a place where advertisers
post their advertising requirements. When you are a part of this network, you can
choose the products you want to promote. These are products of people within
the network.
Once you are done with that, you will need an affiliate marketing service to
promote the products you have chosen on the Internet. The best in this category
is Google AdWords ( You merely have to start a
campaign here, mentioning the product you want to promote and give the URL
that you are advertising. AdWords will automatically search for the right website
matches for the product and will advertise on them.
The payment is fantastic. You get paid for every click that your ad gets. This is
known as Pay Per Click (PPC). However, there are some affiliate networking sites,
such as the Hydra Network we have mentioned here, that pay only when a sale is
done. In that case, it becomes a Pay Per Sale (PPS) affiliate service.
Your only expense is in starting the AdWords campaign. However, here you can
bid on how much you want to spend. Hence, you are actually altering your
expense. The returns, however, are much more than whatever money you will put
into the business.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


We can have a diet using negative calories. The main idea is that our body uses more calories to digest some aliments than the calories we know those aliments contain themselves by analyzing the combination of nutritional components of the specific aliments. If we burn more calories than we consume, then we will lose weight.

The theory is in fact very appealing: the body has to consume energy in order to digest the food. For example, an orange has about 50 calories. To process all nutritional components and vitamins that an orange contains, our body will burn more than just 50 calories.

The diet using negative calories is more a solution we can call on in some specific periods, when our body is overwhelmed with nutrition, like holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, weddings, and less of a solution that can be used on a long term.

Some specialists say that the lost of weight is obtained mostly by losing parts of the muscular tissue, which is not recommended at all.

So if you decide to use the diet with negative calories keep in mind the following:

-          Make sure it is done in a period your body has already too many calories stored and you won’t be affecting your health by doing this.
-          Ask a medic if you can resist only eating this types of aliments and also ask him the time limit for this diet in your case so you can avoid getting sick.
-          Try to combine them as much as you can, do not eat just oranges or other fruits that contain citric acid as they are not good for your stomach activity when eaten in huge quantities.
-          Review your schedule for the days you want to use this diet and make sure you don’t have any important or stressful things to do. Stress also causes caloric burn and weight reduction and if it occurs during a diet that weakens the organism you can feel physically powerless. If such a thing happens give up on the diet and eat something with many calories and glucoses fast.

If all above points are checked and passed you can start a negative calories diet and give a try to actually eating something instead of taking slim pills and drinking tea.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comets - Visitors From Beyond.

The one thing we love the most in the world of astronomy is a good mystery.  And if there was ever a mysterious and yet very powerful force of nature that we witness in the night skies, it is the coming of the mighty comet.

The arrival of a comet within view of Earth is an event of international importance.  Witness the huge media attention that the Haley or Hale-Bopp have had when they have come within view The sight of these amazing space objects is simultaneously frightening and awe inspiring.  

Above all, it is during these comet viewings that the astronomer comes out in all of us.  But what is a comet?  Where did it come from?  And how does it get that magnificent tail?

We should never confuse comets with asteroids.  Asteroids are small space rocks that come from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  While still quite stunning to see, they pale in comparison to the arrival of a comet.  Asteroids also have received considerable study by the scientific community.  

Not as much is known about comets.  As a rule, comets are considerably larger than asteroids.  The composition of a comet is a mixture of nebulous, gasses, ice, dust and space debris.  One scientist called the composition of a comet as similar to a “dirty snowball” because the composition is so diverse and changeable.  The center or nucleus of a comet is usually quiet solid but the “snowball” materials often create a “cloud” around that nucleus that can become quite large and that extends at great lengths behind the comet as it moves through space.  That trailing plume is what makes up the comet’s magnificent tail that makes it so exciting to watch when a comet comes within view of Earth.

The origins of comets is similarly mysterious.  There are a number of theories about where they come from but it is clear that they originate from outside our solar system, somewhere in deep space.  Some have speculated they are fragments left over from the organization of planets that get loose from whatever gravitational pull and are sent flying across space to eventually get caught up in the gravity of our sun bringing them into our solar system.  

Another theory is that they come from a gaseous cloud called the Oort cloud which is cooling out there after the organization of the sun.  As this space debris cools, it gets organized into one body which then gathers sufficient mass to be attracted into the gravity of our solar system turning into a fast moving comet plummeting toward our sun.  However, because of the strong gravitational orbits of the many planets in our solar system, the comet does not always immediately collide with the sun and often takes on an orbit of its own.  

The life expectancy of comets varies widely.  Scientists refer to a comet that is expected to burn out or impact the sun within two hundred years as a short period comet whereas a long period comet has a life expectancy of over two hundred years.  That may seem long to us as earth dwellers but in terms of stars and planets, this is a very short life as a space object indeed.  

Scientists across the globe have put together some pretty impressive probes to learn more about comets to aid our understanding of these visitors from beyond.  In 1985, for example, the United States put a probe into the path of the comet Giacobini-Zinner which passed through the comets tail gathering tremendous scientific knowledge about comets.  Then in 1986, an international collation of scientists were able to launch a probe that was able to fly close to Haley’s comet as it passed near Earth and continue the research.

While science fiction writers and tabloid newspapers like to alarm us with the possibility of a comet impacting the earth, scientists who understand the orbits of comets and what changes their paths tell us this is unlikely.  That is good because some comets reach sizes that are as big as a planet so that impact would be devastating.  For now, we can enjoy the fun of seeing comets make their rare visits to our night sky and marvel at the spectacular shows that these visitors from beyond put on when they are visible in the cosmos.

Bonding with the Universe.

As parents, we often worry about what our children are getting excited about.  We hope we can guide them to “bond” with healthy things like a love of learning, of family and of healthy social activities.  But we also worry they will bond with the wrong people like internet stalkers or the wrong crowd at school.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness that tremendous energy and desire to latch onto something and bond with it and help our children “bond” with the universe through a love of astronomy?

Kids love to get excited about what you are excited about.  So there lots of ways you can “spring” the fun of astronomy on them that will jump start them on a long and happy exploration of the hobby of astronomy.  Here are a few to get your imagination going.

* Work it into an evening in the backyard.  If you know the night sky will be particularly exciting the night of a big family barbecue, plan to have some blankets out there.  Then as everybody else is playing Frisbee, just lay out a blanket, lay flat on your back and start staring up into the sky with a binoculars.  Like the old prank of staring at a far away spot to get people’s interest, your kids will see what you are doing and what to know what is going on.  As you let them take a peek, their curiosity will take off like a wild fire and they are hooked.

* A surprise visit to the country.  Sometimes it is hard to see the vast display of stars from within the city.  So if you announce that you are going to show them a surprise one night and have them pile into the car, their curiosity will be going wild as you leave the city.  When you find that quiet park, field or lake side spot, all you have to do is point up and say “just look” and the magnificence of the night sky will do the rest.

* A special Christmas gift.  You can buy your children an affordable and durable beginner’s telescope along with some easy star maps written just for kids.  Imagine when they open this exciting gift and want to know how to use it.  Don’t be surprised if you are setting up the new telescope in the snow to show them the great things they will see in the cosmos with the gift that Santa wanted them to have.  The gift of astronomy.

* Unleash the power of a meteor shower on them.  You can keep your eye on the events that are predicted for the sky watchers in your area.  When the next big meteor shower is about to explode over your area, watch the weather for a clear night and get your kids excited about what they are about to see.  As the lights begin to go off over head and you create fun and interesting narration to this dramatic display, the children will be addicts for life for the great experiences that can be had as students of astronomy.

* Plan a surprise event in with something you are already doing.  For example, on vacation, you can plan your route on a cross country trip to bring you within visiting distance of one of the great multimillion dollar telescopes in this country.  By contacting them ahead of time, you can be sure they are conducting a tour that coincides with your visit.  Just imagine if they can look up at a telescope that is bigger than their house and maybe look through the eyepiece as some amazing cosmic sight, it will be the hit of the vacation.

Astronomy is a great activity to introduce on a family camping trip.  As the family sits around the fire after a fun night of camping, all you have to do is just look up and go “Wow, look at that!” When those little heads look up, they will look back down changed children, children in love with the stars.

Astronomy is a healthy passion for your kids and one they can grow with their entire lives.  And there is probably no better gift you can give them than the love of the stars, of science and of nature that is all wrapped up together when your kids bond with the universe through astronomy.

Beyond the Naked Eye

It’s hard to say when in our lives each of us become aware of this thing called “astronomy”.  But it is safe to say that at some point on our lives, each and every one of us has that moment when we are suddenly stunned when we come face to face with the enormity of the universe that we see in the night sky.  For many of us who are city dwellers, we don’t really notice that sky up there on a routine basis.  The lights of the city do a good job of disguising the amazing display that is above all of our heads all of the time.

So it might be that once a year vacation to a camping spot or a trip to a relative’s house out in the country that we find ourselves outside when the spender of the night sky suddenly decides to put on it’s spectacular show.  If you have had that kind of moment when you were literally struck breathless by the spender the night sky can show to us, you can probably remember that exact moment when you could say little else but “wow” at what you saw.

That “Wow” moment is what astrology is all about.  For some, that wow moment becomes a passion that leads to a career studying the stars.  For a lucky few, that wow moment because an all consuming obsession that leads to them traveling to the stars in the space shuttle or on one of our early space missions.  But for most of us astrology may become a pastime or a regular hobby.  But we carry that wow moment with us for the rest of our lives and begin looking for ways to look deeper and learn more about the spectacular universe we see in the millions of stars above us each night.

To get started in learning how to observe the stars much better, there are some basic things we might need to look deeper, beyond just what we can see with the naked eye and begin to study the stars as well as enjoy them.  The first thing you need isn’t equipment at all but literature.  A good star map will show you the major constellations, the location of the key stars we use to navigate the sky and the planets that will appear larger than stars.  And if you add to that map some well done introductory materials into the hobby of astronomy, you are well on your way.

The next thing we naturally want to get is a good telescope.  You may have seen a hobbyist who is well along in their study setting up those really cool looking telescopes on a hill somewhere.  That excites the amateur astronomer in you because that must be the logical next step in the growth of your hobby.  But how to buy a good telescope can be downright confusing and intimidating.

Before you go to that big expense, it might be a better next step from the naked eye to invest in a good set of binoculars.  There are even binoculars that are suited for star gazing that will do just as good a job at giving you that extra vision you want to see just a little better the wonders of the universe.  A well designed set of binoculars also gives you much more mobility and ability to keep your “enhanced vision” at your fingertips when that amazing view just presents itself to you.

None of this precludes you from moving forward with your plans to put together an awesome telescope system.  Just be sure you get quality advice and training on how to configure your telescope to meet your needs.  Using these guidelines, you will enjoy hours of enjoyment stargazing at the phenomenal sights in the night sky that are beyond the naked eye.

Astronomy or Astrology?

Have you ever finally just gave in to the temptation and read your horoscope in the newspaper on Sunday morning?  Sure, we all have. For most of us, it’s a curiosity, an amusement to see what they say our day will be like based on the sign of the zodiac that we were born under.  Sometimes we forget that this little diversion is actually part of an ancient science called astrology that has had a powerful effect on many cultures dating back to centuries before Christ.

That is not to say that astrology is a dead art today.  It is easy to find astrology advocates in every town, advertising in the newspaper and on television trying to convince us that they can tell our fortune, our future and help cure our ills by exploring the mysteries of astrology.

When you are a lover of astronomy, the confusion between astronomy and astrology by those who don’t really understand the differences can get pretty aggravating.  And in early civilizations, the two disciplines were not separate.  Astrology was just the religious side of the science of astronomy.  So what changed?

The most significant shift that set in motion the separation of the two lines of thought began in the first century when Ptolemy wrote the very first book on astronomy called the Tetrabiblos.  In it, he began to suggest that astronomy should be considered a separate science from astrology.  It was quite a revolutionary book because it also was the first scientific document to suggest that the earth was not the center of the universe and that astronomy should be focused strictly on the observation and recording of events in the cosmos.

Over the next 2000 years, we have come a long way.  Not only has science and religion completely gone their separate ways since Ptolemy but the science of astronomy makes tremendous strides every year that are so phenomenal, Ptolemy would be truly astounded.

Probably the biggest point of diversion between a student of astrology and astronomy is the belief that the position of the stars has meaning over the events on our lives.  Of course, we do know that the weather and tides and other important aspects of our lives are affected by the stars, planets and heavenly bodies, particularly the moon.  But these things are happening because of completely explainable scientific laws in motion, not because of mystical forces at work.

What can we, as devotees of astronomy conclude about the close relationship between astrology and astronomy?  Well, for sure we want to be able to explain to anyone who is confused by the similarity in the words what the differences are.  We do not want to see the two approaches to the stars and planets to become confused again.  But we should do all we can do keep that distinction clear without becoming skeptical or demeaning towards those who may still hold to the teachings of astrology.

It is important to remember that what is part of a person’s religious life has a level of sacred belief to the one holding it.  And it is not respectful to scoff at such things.  If for no other reason than out of respect for the ancient origins of astronomy, we should give courtesy who still are exploring whether astrology has any validity for them.

If we can treat each discipline with respect but maintain the separation that must exist between astrology and astronomy, there is no reason both approaches to our admiration of the galaxies cannot coexist in peace and harmony.  And for our purposes as astronomers, that harmony will allow us plenty of freedom to enjoy our quest for knowledge for many more centuries to come.  And who knows, you might still like to read the horoscope on Sunday morning every so often.

Astronomy Binoculars – A Great Alternative

It seems from the moment you begin to take your love of astronomy seriously, the thing that is on your mind is what kind of telescope will you get.  And there is no question, investing in a good telescope can really enhance your enjoyment of your new passion in astronomy.  But don’t be too hasty to keep up with the big wigs in the astronomy clubs that have advanced telescopes.  There is another alternative that can give you most of the advantages of a telescope and some extra flexibility and reduced cost to boot. 

That alternative is a good pair of astronomy binoculars.  Mostly we think of binoculars as the thing you use to see the football game when you have to sit in the cheap seats.  But if you do some homework and had a good grasp on what your stargazing objectives are, the advantages of astronomy binoculars over an entry level telescope can be pretty convincing.

* As a rule, they are cheaper.  So you can get a lot of good stargazing at much less of an investment.  You can always spend more money later but for now, this may be just the solution for you.

* There are not so many accessories.  To own and operate a telescope takes a lot of orientation to how to set up and use the device.  Beyond that, tuning it for optimum view and diagnosing it when you have problems can sometimes make the telescope more of the passion than stargazing itself.

* It is much easier to use.  If you have not bought a telescope yet, you may have seen telescope owners going through a laborious set up and break down discipline for each use.  This is time they are not looking at the stars.  The binocular users are happily stargazing as this goes on.

* Binoculars are lightweight and portable.  Unless you have the luxury to set up and operate an observatory from your deck, you are probably going to travel to perform your viewings.  Binoculars go with you much easier and they are more lightweight to carry to the country and use while you are there than a cumbersome telescope set up kit.

So give the binocular option some consideration.  To make the most effective choice, however, here are a few facts about astronomy binoculars that will help you evaluate which ones are best for you…

Binoculars have two lens sets, one at the end of the eyepiece and a set right next to your eyes.  The ones closest to the eye are called the ocular lenses which magnify the image (make it bigger).  The ones closest to the sky are called the objective lenses and the size of these lenses will determine how much sky you can see at once.  So anytime you are evaluating binoculars, there are two numbers associated with the set.  So if the binoculars have a rating of 15-40, that means that the ocular lenses magnify 15 times and the later number is a relative number to how much of the sky you can see.  The higher the second number, the more you can see.  The explanation is simple.  The bigger the lens, the more light it lets in.  But be aware that the bigger the second number, the larger, heavier and more cumbersome the binoculars will be.

You will have to balance these two numbers with both your budget and what you want the binoculars to do for you.  If you decide to go with a lower power binoculars, you could become frustrated with what you can see and you may have to take your eyes away from the view to get your orientation and consult the star map more often because your range of vision is so limited.

There will also be a temptation to buy a set of binoculars that have zoom functions and other features that will allow you to use it for other purposes such as hunting, whale watching or seeing the football game from the cheap seats.  While this is good economy, those functions will get in the way when you are using the binoculars for astronomy.  So if you are considering this purchase as your alternative to buying a telescope, our advice is buy binoculars made just for astronomy and don’t take them to the ball game.  


There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the stars above us that make astronomy so much fun.  The truth is the universe is a constantly changing, moving, some would say “living” thing because you just never know what you are going to see on any given night of stargazing.

But of the many celestial phenomenons, there is probably none as exciting as that time you see your first asteroid on the move in the heavens.  To call asteroids the “rock stars” of astronomy is simultaneously a bad joke but an accurate depiction of how astronomy fans view them.  Unlike suns, planets and moons, asteroids are on the move, ever changing and, if they appear in the night sky, exciting and dynamic.

Like rock stars, asteroids have been given their fair share of urban myth and lore.  Many have attributed the extinction of the dinosaurs to the impact of a huge asteroid on the earth.  This theory has some credibility and, if it is true, it evokes some pretty startling images and foreboding fears in the current reining species on earth, the human race.

The fact that asteroids are fast moving space debris only makes their movement and activity more interesting and exciting.  Unlike a moon, planet or star, the odds that an asteroid could hit the earth are entirely reasonable and in fact, there are many documented cases of small asteroids making it through our atmosphere and leaving some pretty impressive craters in the earth’s surface.

Popular culture has happily embraced the idea of an asteroid impact.  The idea has spawned many a science fiction story adding the idea that alien life forms may ride asteroids to our world and start a “war of the worlds” situation.  But by far, the most talked about concept that has captured the imagination and the fears of science fiction fans and the general public is of another asteroid hitting the earth that could wipe out life as allegedly happened to the dinosaurs.  In fact, the movie “Armageddon” was based on this idea and the concept that somehow mankind could avert that catastrophe with technology.

But probably the best way to calm our fears and replace science fiction with science is with understanding and knowledge.  The truth is, there has been a lot of study of asteroid activity and the serious scientific community has gained significant knowledge of these amazing celestial bodies.  A number of probes to asteroids have been conducted which have given us a wealth of information about their composition and how we might predict their behavior.  

We now know that the majority of asteroids we get to witness come from an asteroid belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter.  It is from this community of asteroids that many of the notable asteroids emerged.  Scientists have gained significant knowledge about the composition of asteroids and separated them into classes including class S which comes of the part of the belt that is closest to Mars, classes C, D and V which are classified by composition and a class called “Centaurs” whose flight patterns take them closer to Jupiter and Uranus.

Some of the probes NASA has conducted on near flying asteroids have performed some pretty amazing studies of these eccentric celestial bodies.  In 1994 the Galileo probe got within 1000 miles of the asteroid Ida and discovered that Ida actually had its own moon.  

Other probes have fired impactors into asteroids and even landed on an asteroid to produce some amazing scientific data for us.  There is much to learn about asteroids in our love of astronomy and that knowledge only makes our enjoyment of seeing them in the cosmos even more exciting.

Christmas In Aspen – Aspen Nightlife

Aspen, Colorado is a great place to spend your 
Christmas vacation. You can spend your days 
on the slopes, and your nights taking advantage 
of all of the planned Christmas activities, as 
well as the usual Aspen nightlife. No matter 
what your interests are, there is always 
something to do in Aspen.

During the Christmas season,
 “Its A Wonderful Life” is presented at the 
Wheeler Opera House. Santa’s Village can be
 found in Snowmass Village and you will hear 
carolers there as well. White Elephant Parties 
are common Christmas activities, and you can 
even enjoy the Aspen Film festival. 

The Holiday Torchlight Parade in Snowmass 
village is a sight to behold. Make sure that you 
don’t miss this! You can even participate in 
this parade! There are many Christmas arts 
and crafts programs offered around Aspen 
that your children will love to participate in as 
well. Make plans to attend the Winter 
Wonderland Christmas Party at the Aspen 
Recreation Center also.

For the ultimate Christmas adventure, make 
sure that you get in on the sledding and hot 
chocolate festivities and go for a sleigh ride as 
well. Christmas in Aspen is a very magical time 
of the year, and you should plan to spend at 
least one Christmas vacation here. Plan to 
stay at Snowmass. 

Aspen Nightlife – The Club Scene

After a day on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, you 
are probably ready to do some partying. The Aspen 
club scene starts hopping shortly before the slopes 
close. Many of the clubs have planned events – and 
some are just free-for-alls with music and dancing all 
night long. No matter what kind of music you are into, 
you will find it in Aspen.

Most of the lodges and hotels in Aspen have bars or 
clubs. Some have multiple bars, clubs, or lounges – 
so start your search for Aspen nighttime 
entertainment at your lodge or hotel. You can 
usually find a friendly game of pool in almost any bar 
before the music and dancing begin. 

The easiest way to find the type of music and dancing 
that is most enjoyable to you is to pick up a copy of 
Aspen Magazine’s Traveler’s Guide. This guide will 
provide you with a list of Aspen hotspots, and let you 
know what you can expect at each club or bar. If you 
will be drinking, make sure that you don’t drive your 
car. Walk or take advantage of the public transportation 
or taxi services in the Aspen area. 

Aspen Nightlife – Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

Aspen Nightlife isn’t always about music and 
dancing. The Aspen Center for Environmental 
Studies is a great place to go at night! There 
are many planned activities related to 
environmental studies, and you shouldn’t miss 
the weekly Potbelly Perspective Series.

The Potbelly Perspective Series takes place 
one night each week, usually starting about 7pm. 
This is a lecture series presented by local 
people, as well as visiting guests. Adventures, 
pictures and stories are presented that are very 
interesting to anyone who has a love of nature 
or the environment. This series is not only 
interesting; it is also a very inexpensive way to 
spend an evening. Admission for adults is only 

Naturalist’s nights are also offered once each 
week. Here, you will learn facts about the 
natural world, and issues concerning the 
natural world. With expert speakers, many 
topics are covered, and these nights are planned 
in advance. This is a wonderful learning 
experience, and a great way to spend an evening 
in Aspen.

Many daytime programs are also offered 
through the Aspen Center for Environmental 
Studies, including ski tours and snowshoe tours. 
Call ahead to find out what events are planned, 
and to make reservations as necessary.

Aspen Nightlife – World Link Café

While on your wonderful vacation in Aspen, you will 
enjoy many of the finer things in life – including fresh 
open air and natural surroundings. It is wonderful 
and peaceful – but since we have become a 
technical society, you might start having email 
withdrawals. The World Link Café in Aspen has a 

This wonderful Internet Café is located in the heart 
of downtown Aspen on Hyman Avenue. It is open 
until 10pm each day, and serves wonderful 
cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes, as well as 
pastries, cookies, sausage rolls and meat pies. The 
Internet is also served with a bank of computers with 
Internet Access – where you can access your email.

Of course, there are fees for using the computers, 
and it isn’t cheap. It costs about $10 per hour – but 
if you are having Internet or email withdrawals, it may 
be well worth it to spend twenty bucks or so for a 
couple of hours of computer time. Then, get right back 
out there and enjoy more of the fresh air and peace 
that Aspen has to offer you.

Aspen Nightlife – Winterskol

Since Aspen is a wintertime playground for so 
many people, it is only fitting that everyone in 
Aspen during the month of January participates 
in Winterskol. This is literally a celebration of 
winter, cold, and snow – which is a great deal 
of what makes Aspen, well, Aspen! Winterskol 
is the ultimate Aspen party.

Winterskol is held during the month of January 
each year, and it is the wildest winter 
celebration you will ever experience. The 
highlight of Winterskol is the Canine Fashion 
Show, where pets are dressed up in crazy 
clothing, such as miniature bridal gowns. 
Winterskol has been an Aspen tradition for 
more than fifty years – and it will continue for 
at least another fifty! The first Winterskol 
celebration was held in 1951.

During Winterskol, more than 40 events are 
scheduled in the downtown area, Aspen 
Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk 
Mountain, and Snowmass Mountain. The 
entire area gets involved in the activities. 
Winterskol is a celebration of Aspen’s Nordic 
ancestry, as well as a celebration of winter. 
While most events are scheduled in advance,
Winterskol also brings several surprises as 
well. You just never know what you will find at 
the Winterskol celebration – until you are there.

Favorite traditional activities include the Canine 
Fashion Show, Winter sculpt, the Buttermilk 
Uphill Race, and Snowmass Splash. Don’t 
miss the torchlight descent and the fireworks 
display over Aspen Mountain. Don’t miss the 
unique competitions happening all over town. 
There is constant live entertainment all around 
town as well. If you are planning a ski vacation, 
and you want to have the time of your life – 
your destination should be Aspen, and your 
arrival date should coincide with the start of 

Winterskol is an ongoing week long party with 
something for everyone. Amusement, 
entertainment, parties, and celebration are top 
priorities during the week of Winterskol. You 
have to experience Winterskol at least once in 
your lifetime – and after you have been once, 
you will be back. Winterskol is a celebration 
that is comparable with Mardi Gras in New 
Orleans – but a lot safer, and in many 
opinions, more enjoyable.

As they do for Mardi Gras, people come from 
all over the world for Winterskol. Event 
packages are available, but all of the lodges, 
hotels, motels, condos, cabins, and 
campgrounds sell out early. Make sure that you 
book lodging for Winterskol well in advance, 
and take advantage of the packages that the 
various lodges offer. Packages typically 
include lodging, airfare, rental cars, and 
other things that you may require as well.

Aspen Nightlife – US Comedy Arts Festival

If you can visit Aspen in March, make sure that you 
catch the US Comedy Arts Festival that is held in 
various venues throughout Aspen. This is one of the 
major events for comedians all over the country – 
and it is some of the best entertainment you will 
ever experience. 

The US Comedy Arts Festival features every type of 
comedy you can imagine, including Stand-up 
comedy, film shorts, alternative comedy, and sketch 
comedy. Tribute is given to some of the greatest 
comedians from the past, such as Rodney 
Dangerfield, Monty Python, and George Carlin. You 
will also have the opportunity to enjoy many of 
today’s famous comedians, and hear some unknown 
or up and coming comedians as well.

Make sure that you don’t miss this festival – and 
make sure that you make your plans and reservations 
very early. The lodges and hotels will fill up fast for 
this festival, and according to locals, this is the 
hardest time of the year to find lodging in Aspen – 
which is a good indication of how good the 
entertainment is!

Aspen Nightlife – Theatre in the Park

Founded in 1983 by Kent Reed, Theatre in the Park 
has become an Aspen tradition that adds to the 
delight of Aspen nightlife. Theatre in the Park once 
actually was theatre that was performed in a tent in 
the park. Now, however, Theatre in the Park has 
changed its name to Theatre Aspen, and a new 
permanent structure is in development. This will 
allow Theatre in the Park to hold year-round 
performances, instead of summer-only performances.

Contemporary and classical plays are all presented 
by the theatre. If you are in Aspen around Christmas 
time, make sure that you see the theatre’s 
presentation of “Its A Wonderful Life.” As a summer-
only venue, sixty shows are performed each year. 
Once the company has its permanent structure, we 
can expect many more each year.

The Theatre Aspen also has many training programs 
for adults and children. Currently, performances are 
held between June and August. The Theatre in the 
Park is located in the Rio Grande Park. Heat is 
provided on chilly nights, and there is an area to enjoy 
cocktails during intermissions, as well as before and 
after performances.

Aspen Nightlife – The Wheeler Opera House

The Wheeler Opera House has been an 
integral part of Aspen nightlife, history, and 
culture since 1889 when Mr. J.B Wheeler and 
the Conried Company presented The King’s 
Fool. While the building started out as an 
Opera House, it was only used for town 
meetings and such by 1893, when the silver 
mines had played out.

The Wheeler Opera House remained open until 
1912 when it was gutted by not one, but two 
fires in one week! The Opera House did not 
open again until June of 1946 when it was 
leased by the Aspen Company. The total 
restoration went on until 1960. Between the 
years of 1912 and 1946 the Wheeler Opera 
House remained empty, and it was used as 
a playground by the local children.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, The Wheeler 
Opera House was mainly used as a movie 
theater. However, in 1979, the city decided to 
restore the Opera House to its original 
grandeur, and this restoration was completed 
in 1984. The cost was 4.5 million dollars. 
Today, the Wheeler Opera House is on the 
National Registrar of Historical Places.

Many events, such as lectures, concerts, plays,
 films, and musicals are held at The Wheeler 
Opera House today. You can see Broadway 
shows, jazz concerts, country and rock 
concerts, and even children’s theater here. 
Any type of cultural event you can imagine 
is held here – and shows are scheduled 
throughout the year. Locals consider the 
Wheeler Opera House the ‘crown jewel of Aspen.
’ Nationwide, it is considered a world class theater 
– and with the detailed woodwork it is certainly a 
sight to behold!

The Opera House is still in its original location 
on Hyman Avenue, in the heart of downtown 
Aspen. You can call to find out what events are 
planned, and to purchase tickets. Remember 
that this is a popular place, and shows do sell 
out quickly – so purchase your tickets as early 
as possible. You should also be aware that 
children under the age of three years old are 
not permitted for live performances, unless the 
performance is for children specifically. 
Cameras and recording devices are not 
permitted for performances.

The Wheeler Opera House can also be rented 
for a variety of special occasions and events, 
such as parties, receptions, weddings, 
conferences, and seminars. Events such as 
these are usually held on the second floor, 
where guests will enjoy a breathtaking view of 
Aspen Mountain, as well as the city.

Aspen Nightlife – The Ultimate Taxi

This isn’t your ordinary taxi ride! The Ultimate Taxi 
is actually entertainment that is not to be missed. 
This is a thirty to forty minute musical ride around 
Aspen – but it’s not like any other ride you will take 
in your lifetime.

The taxi you will be riding in is a 1978 Checker cab. 
It has been greatly modified and boasts four red 
lasers, a laser projector, black light effects, light 
washers, light orbs, mini-strobes, color changing fiber 
optics, a sound system, stage lights, a mirror ball, a 
fog machine, a keyboard, digital drums, a digital 
camera, a DV cam, a notebook computer, a printer, 
and much, much more. 

Your driver will be Jon Barnes, and he has been 
driving tourists around Aspen since 1984. He throws 
in a pair of 3-D glasses, so you can view Aspen as 
you never have before. Featured online, in radio 
interviews, magazines, and newspapers, the Ultimate 
Taxi has become very popular. Many famous people 
have taken this cab ride as well, including Clint 
Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld. 

Get ready for a wild ride! Jon plays the keyboard 
and the horn while driving! With your 3-D glasses 
and the other toys that are included in the ride, 
combined with the psychedelic lighting effects, this 
is one ride that you will never forget! In fact, Jon 
makes sure of it, because there will be pictures to 
help you remember the event.

Make sure you buy some souvenirs before you leave. 
The Ultimate Taxi gift store is located right outside 
the doors, in the trunk. You will also have a web page 
memory of your ride in the Ultimate Taxi hosted on 
Jon’s server for all time. Take your toys and 3-D 
glasses home with you as well.

The Ultimate Taxi is not a ‘normal’ taxi ride. You 
don’t call Jon Barnes to take you where you want to 
go. The Ultimate Taxi is more of a musical show 
and adventure. It has been called the world’s 
smallest recording studio.

Make sure that you get your Ultimate Taxi ride while 
you are in Aspen, and join the ranks of Ivana, Kevin 
Costner, George Hamilton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dudley 
Moore, the Beatles, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld, 
and even Regis Philbin! Due to the popularity of the 
Ultimate Taxi, it is probably best to call in advance 
for a reservation. The Ultimate Taxi is in operation 
from 7pm to 10pm most nights.

Aspen Nightlife – The Sneaker Ball

You may have been to many balls in your 
lifetime, such as Christmas Balls, Spring Balls,
and even Debutante Balls – but if you haven’t 
been to the Sneaker Ball in Aspen, Colorado, 
you are missing out on all the fun! Known as 
‘Aspen’s Greatest Party,’ the Sneaker Ball is 
held annually at the St. Regis Hotel on East 
Dean Street every March.

Back in 1986, the very first Sneaker Ball was 
held by Al Gross and David Nauss of Paine 
Weber, Inc – in Boston. The party was a 
celebration of Reebok shares trading on the 
stock market for the very first time. This black 
tie event was much like other balls – but 
everyone was wearing Reeboks, and the first 
Sneaker Ball was born.

The following year, Al Gross decided that this 
was the kind of party that people really liked – 
but instead of being limited to white Reeboks, 
the idea would be for the guests to wear formal 
gowns and tuxedos, with decorated tennis 
shoes. The party was moved to Aspen, where 
people know how to party – and thousands of 
people from all over the world fly into Aspen to 

One of the nicest things guests like about the 
Sneaker Ball is that it is for a good cause. All 
of the proceeds go to Grass Roots, which is a 
program designed to help inner-city kids. These 
kids are brought to Aspen to experience what
 life outside the city is. Many of these kids don’t 
even realize that places like Aspen really exist.
 Tickets cost $125 per person, which isn’t too 
bad considering that the money is for a good 

People from diverse backgrounds attend the 
Sneaker Ball each year. Famous people are 
there, infamous people, and people who are 
neither famous nor infamous attend – and 
every one has a fantastic time. The party gets 
started at about 9:30pm and ends around 
1:30am – followed by many ‘after parties’ in 
various locations throughout Aspen. 

If you’ve ever wanted to attend one of those 
glitzy ‘Hollywood type’ parties, here is your 
chance! You will rub elbows with the famous, 
show off your custom designed sneakers 
along with your formal wear, and dance the 
night away – and all for a very good cause.  

This is an event that sells out fast. Contact the 
Chamber of Commerce in Aspen to find out 
when the Sneaker Ball is scheduled, and 
purchase your tickets right away. Also check 
with the various hotels and lodges to inquire 
about package deals and get your 
reservations set before everything is sold out!

Aspen Nightlife – The Crystal Palace

If you like comedy, you should visit The Crystal 
Palace. This Aspen landmark was established 
in 1957, and has been offering quality dining 
with satire comedy ever since. The interior of 
the restaurant is done in a Victorian style, with 
beautiful stained glass windows, sparkling 
chandeliers, and vintage furnishings.

If you take politics very seriously, this may not 
be the type of comedy you enjoy. The majority 
of the comedy acts and musicals have a 
political slant to them, and the staff performs 
most of the acts. The Crystal Palace is located
 in the heart of downtown Aspen, on Hyman 

The food is the best you can find anywhere. 
Prime Rib, Rack of Lamb, Fish, Seafood, and 
Roast Duckling are served. Don’t make the 
mistake of just showing up – call ahead for 
reservations. The Crystal Palace is open 
Tuesday through Sunday in the evening for 
dinner and a show. You should definitely make
 it a point to eat here at least once while you 
are on your Aspen vacation, as this is a 
traditional part of Aspen nightlife for locals and 

Aspen Nightlife – The Caribou Club

According to The New York Post, the Caribou 
Club is the absolute best private club in 
America. This is a member’s only private club, 
and the membership fee is quite high – but the 
ambiance is top-notch!

The Caribou Club is located in Aspen, 
Colorado on East Hopkins Avenue. The club 
is open from 6:30pm until 2am every day, and 
you can enjoy dinner and dancing, or lounge in 
the Great Room before a roaring fireplace with 
a fine cigar. The wine cellar houses over 5000 
wines from around the world. 

There is more to The Caribou Club than fine 
dining and dancing, however. When you enter 
the club, you are entering a world of elegance 
that can only be experienced here. The walls 
are covered with 19th century paintings. There 
is a coat room, where your coat will be taken 
from you, and you are made to feel like a very 
welcome houseguest. You can then go to the 
bar, the Great Room, or be seated for dinner 
– the choice is yours.

The Caribou Club has only been open for about 
ten years, but it has become an integral part of 
Aspen nightlife for the rich and famous – and 
even for those who are not famous, nor rich, 
but who can afford to pay the membership 
fees. When you enter the Great Room at The 
Caribou Club, you will probably see faces that 
you know – even if you don’t know these 
famous people on a personal level.

You don’t even have to be in Aspen to enjoy the 
cuisine offered by The Caribou Club. Your 
event can be catered by the club, no matter 
how large or small it is, or where it is located. 
You can have your event catered anywhere 
in the world! Private parties can also be held 
at The Caribou Club.

Again, the cost is fairly high. Lifetime 
membership for a couple is $10,000. Individual 
membership for two people is $3000 for the 
first year, and $1000 for each additional year, 
paid annually. Family membership for up to five 
people costs $4000 per year. A temporary 
membership is available for one week. The cost 
is $500 and covers one couple. However, during 
Holidays and President’s Weekend, the cost is 

As you can see, The Caribou Club is quite 
exclusive – but depending on the type of
 nightlife you enjoy, the cost of membership is 
well worth it – even if you only visit once a year.

Aspen Nightlife – Taste Festival

Winter time isn’t the only time to visit Aspen. 
There is a great deal going on each summer, 
and one of the highlights each June is the 
Taste Festival. This is also called the Food & 
Wine Magazine Classic, and people from all 
over the world arrive in droves for this three 
day event. 

Cookbook authors, wine experts, restaurateurs, 
and famous chefs can all be found here. 
Wolfgang Puck, Jacques Pepin, and Andrea 
Immer have all attended the Taste Fest in 
Aspen – because if food is your life, this is the 
place to be! Each year, there are over eighty 
cooking and food demonstrations, and visitors 
can get a taste of it all. 

There are many seminars and wine tasting 
sessions held throughout Aspen during these 
three days as well. If you want to attend this 
incredible mouth watering event, make your 
reservations months in advance – or you will 
miss out! If you don’t make your reservations 
early, try to find a hotel with space available in 
a nearby town, and drive back and forth to the 
event – check the local camp grounds as well. 
Just make sure you don’t miss this event!

Aspen Nightlife – Syzygy

Syzygy, which is located on East Hyman Avenue in 
Aspen, Colorado, has repeatedly won awards for 
being one of the best restaurants in this ski town. 
Featuring outstanding jazz music and food that is 
out of this world, Syzygy is the place to be when it 
comes to Aspen nightlife and fine dining. This is an 
Aspen landmark that is not to be missed.

The chef at Syzygy combines European and Asian 
dishes, and presents them in a modern American 
way. These combinations are what set the cuisine 
at Syzygy apart from the food you find at most 
restaurants. Along with this outstanding fare, you 
can select wine from a list of over 300 Italian, 
American, and French wines. If you aren’t sure 
which wine will work with the fine food you have 
ordered – simply ask your waiter. They always 
seem to know exactly which wine will enhance the 
flavor of the food the best.

One of the nice touches about the service at 
Syzygy’s is that the Chef likes to send gifts to the 
table, such as goat cheese, potato crisps, and 
osemary bread. Syzygy is famous for their 
atmosphere as well. The glass enclosed waterfalls 
inside the restaurant are talked about all over the 
world – and they are really something to see! Every 
part of the interior of this Aspen landmark works 
well together to create a mood that makes the 
food, the wine, the music, and the company 
absolutely enjoyable. 

You may be overwhelmed with all of the wonderful 
menu choices, and all of the delicious smells 
coming from nearby tables. You may not be able to 
make a choice! Syzygy’s has you covered. Simply 
order the Tasting Menu, and sample everything. 
Enjoy the music while you are eating – and after 
your meal as well. Some of the finest jazz artists in 
the world have performed at Syzygy’s. Call ahead 
to find out who will be performing – you will be glad 
that you did.

Syzygy’s is closed on Monday’s and Tuesdays 
during the off-season. During the season, they are 
open from 6pm to 10pm each day, and you should 
definitely call ahead for a reservation. Remember, 
this is an integral part of experiencing Aspen 
nightlife, so make sure you get by Syzygy’s at 
least once while you are in Aspen – the chances 
are very good that your first visit will not be your 
last! If possible, try to make it to the Sunday Jazz 

Aspen Nightlife – Music in the Mountains

There is always something of interest going on 
in Aspen, and September is no different. During 
the month of September, every year, JAS 
comes to Snowmass. JAS, or Jazz Aspen 
Snowmass, began in 1991 to honor the art of 
Jazz in the Roaring Fork Valley. It has now 
become a music attraction that lasts all 
summer long, with the biggest celebration 
coinciding with Labor Day weekend.

While this is a Jazz celebration, for all intents 
and purposes, all types of music are 
celebrated, including reggae and rock-n-roll. 
Famous musicians and singers from around 
the world attend the four day Music in the 
Mountains celebration.

All events take place in the breathtaking 
Snowmass Town Park, located on Brush 
Creek Road in Snowmass. Snowmass 
Village is one of the most beautiful places in 
the United States, and this festival is extremely 
popular. It is vital that you purchase your tickets 
well in advance, and arrange lodging well in 
advance also. Snowmass advises that if you 
do not have a ticket, to not show up for the 
festival – it will be sold out.

Aspen Nightlife – How to Find the Entertainment

No matter what time of year it is when you visit 
Aspen, there is always something going on – 
even in the off season. The town is small, but 
there are usually several types of entertainment 
offered each evening in different parts of the 
small town. Generally, you won’t have to search 
too hard to find some entertainment – but it is 
better to know exactly what is going on all over 
town, so you can choose the Aspen nightlife 
that best suits your interests.

First, call the Chamber of Commerce in Aspen 
a few months before your trip if possible. Ask 
them what events are planned for the time 
period that you will be there. Events are usually 
scheduled well in advance, and finding out 
about these events well in advance will not only 
help you to better make your plans, but it will 
also allow you to purchase needed tickets in 
advance. Nothing will be more disappointing 
than arriving in Aspen and finding out that your 
favorite band is in town for a sold out show!

Events can come up at the last minute as well. 
Upon your arrival to your lodge or hotel, ask the 
concierge about events that will be taking place 
during your stay. If you have already contacted 
the Chamber of Commerce, you will know most 
of what is going on around town – but there may 
be a few surprises in store for you.

Don’t forget to check with the Chamber of 
Commerce offices in nearby towns and villages! 
Snowmass is a village that almost seems to 
be a part of Aspen – but it isn’t. Contact the 
Snowmass town hall to find out what events 
are scheduled in the village during your visit.

Have a plan before you arrive in Aspen. Use 
Internet resources, as well as the information 
that you learn from the various Chambers of 
Commerce and your lodge to plan your daytime 
and night time activities while you will be in 
Aspen. Again, there is always something to do 
in Aspen, and if you don’t plan ahead, you will 
waste a lot of time trying to decide what you 
want to do. 

While you want to go in with a plan, leave a 
day or two open – with no plans. Use these 
days for shopping expeditions or simply take a 
quiet walk through the quiet Victorian 
neighborhoods. Go to a restaurant that isn’t in 
your plans, or spend some time in the Great 
Room at your lodge. There is always 
something to do…but sometimes, it is nice to 
have nothing to do as well!

Aspen Nightlife – Harris Concert Hal

There is always something going on in Aspen, 
Colorado and the Aspen nightlife is very active. 
You can find a wide variety of things to do – but 
if you want a little culture, you should definitely 
find out what events are planned at the Harris 
Concert Hall. 

At the Harris Concert Hall, you will find 
everything from Piano Recitals to Rock-n-Roll 
Concerts. Events are planned well in advance, 
so you should be able to find out what concerts 
and events are scheduled to coincide with your 
Aspen vacation. 

The Harris Concert Hall is located in the West 
end of Aspen, in a quaint residential 
neighborhood. Due to parking and traffic 
problems, you should strongly consider 
walking to the concert hall. It is a short ten 
minute walk from the downtown area. Other 
transportation options include biking or taking 
the bus. When there are events at the concert,
it is very difficult to find parking.

The Aspen Music Festival and School were 
founded in 1949 by Walter and Elizabeth 
Paepcke from Chicago. Many music 
professionals train here and all of the school 
and festival performances take place in the 
Harris Concert Hall, which seats over 2000 

You should definitely try to visit Aspen during 
the Music Festival. This takes place over a nine 
week period in the summer, and there are 
usually more than 200 planned events. People 
from all over the world come to the Aspen 
Music Festival, so be sure that you make your 
plans and reservations early!

Another exciting event that takes place at the 
Harris Concert Hall is the Aspen Film Festival. 
This festival takes place three times each year. 
The Aspen Shortsfest is held in the Spring. The
 Aspen Filmfest is held during the Fall, and the 
Aspen Academy Screenings are held during the 
Winter. Again, people come from all over the 
world for these events, so make your plans 

The Harris Concert Hall is full of history, even 
though the newest section of it wasn’t built 
until recently. This is a major part of Aspen’s 
history and culture, and you should try to attend 
at least one event at the Harris Concert Hall 
while you are in Aspen. Most events take place 
in the evening; however there are also events 
that take place during the day. You can check 
with your lodge or hotel to find out what events 
are planned at the Concert Hall each day. Also 
inquire about the need to purchase advance 
tickets for specific events.

Aspen Nightlife – Getting Around

After a day on the slopes, you may be 
wondering what there is to do for the rest of the 
evening. Well, don’t use up all of your energy, 
and leave the slopes early enough to get in a 
short nap – you will need all of the energy you 
can muster for the Aspen nightlife. No matter 
how much skiing you get in or how many of 
the runs you have mastered, you have not truly 
experienced Aspen until you venture out after 

Aspen has three basic areas: downtown, the 
West end, and the East end. The town is 
remarkably small, considering how many 
people venture here each season – but 
surprisingly, everyone and everything just fits. 
The town is actually small enough to leave 
your car parked at your lodge or hotel and walk 
anywhere that you want to go. In fact, this is 

Not everyone pays heed to this advice, which 
can make driving around and parking very 
difficult. You can also take a free shuttle from 
one mountain to another, take the Roaring Fork 
Transit Authority Bus, or go to the Rubey Park 
Transportation Center to get a ride anywhere in 
the valley. 

Don’t worry about getting lost. The town is well 
laid out. Starting on the West end, you will find 
a quiet Victorian neighborhood. While this is a 
residential district, where locals live, you will 
also find many hotels and condos on the West 
end, particularly on Main Street. You will also 
find the Aspen Meadows Conference Center 
and Hotel. This is a 40-acre area where you 
will also find the Aspen Institute, the Music Tent, 
the Harris Concert Hall, the Paepcke Auditorium, 
the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, 
the Hallam Lake Nature Preserve, and the 
Aspen Center for Physics. 

In the East end of Aspen you will find another 
residential area, as well as the Roaring Fork 
River and the Aspen Club and Spa. The East 
end features more forests than the West end, 
which has been developed a great deal more. 
Between the West End and the East End, you 
will find downtown Aspen. Downtown is where 
most of the action is. Featuring old Victorian 
buildings, downtown Aspen boasts pubs, 
restaurants, shops, and everything else you 
could ever possibly need – all housed in 
beautiful historical landmark buildings. 

Down the valley a ways, you will find Snowmass 
Village. To the west, you will also find Roaring 
Fork Valley. These two villages are 
compliments of Aspen, and you should take 
the time to visit them as well.

Aspen Nightlife – Country & Western Dancing

Believe it or not, there is only one place in 
Aspen where you can scoot a boot across the 
dance floor to the sounds of George Strait, and 
other Country & Western favorites – Shooter’s 
Salon. Shooter’s Salon is located on South 
Galena Street, and they are open from 6:30pm 
to 2am every day, and again, this club has the 
distinction of being the only Country & Western 
club in the whole town of Aspen, Colorado.

Here, cowboy hats, creased jeans, and boots 
are the expected attire. During the week, the 
music is provided by a DJ, and on weekends 
live bands provide the tunes. If you don’t know 
how to do the Texas Two-Step, you can learn 
how on any Thursday night which is when 
Shooter’s offers free Country dance lessons. 

Good beer, good music, great dancing, friendly 
games of pool or darts – Shooter’s is a place 
where all cowboy’s and cowgirl’s will feel right 
at home. If you want to let your hair down, 
without having to worry about breaking any of
the rules set by ‘polite society’ in the other fine 
establishments located in Aspen, Shooter’s is 
the place to do it!

Aspen Nightlife – Club Chelsea

The Club Chelsea is a fashionable club that is 
a traditional part of the Aspen nightlife social 
scene. Featuring a piano bar, a dining area, a 
dance floor, and a private smoking room, this 
is high-toned entertainment at its very best. 

The Club Chelsea bar offers single malts, 
cognacs, martinis, and ports, and in the 
smoking room, you will find Havana and A. 
Fuente cigars. The club is open from 8pm to 
2am daily, and is located on East Hyman 
Avenue. A light menu is offered, featuring 
gourmet dishes such as pastas, tenderloins,
and tamales. Everything about Club Chelsea 
screams elegance. 

The chances are good that you will not run into 
the college crowd here. The majority of the 
patrons seem to be older – starting with the 30 
and 40 year old crowds, with some seniors 
thrown in for good measure. This is elegant 
‘grown up’ entertainment, where you won’t find 
a lot of noise or people who have had too much 
to drink. 

So, if you are past the college drinking contests 
and wet T-shirt competition age, you will find 
Club Chelsea a delightful and elegant place 
where you can while away the evening with 
great food, fabulous drinks, wonderful piano 
music, and outstanding cigars.

Aspen Nightlife – Aspen Recreation Center

While the Aspen Recreation Center closes just 
before 9pm, there is quite a bit of enjoyment to be 
had here after a day on the slopes. If you get there 
right after leaving the slopes, and eat a late dinner 
– after the center closes – you will have plenty of 
time to enjoy what the ARC has to offer.

The climbing walls at the center are the biggest 
attraction. The ARC features approximately 3100 feet 
of climbing walls for your enjoyment. There is also a 
3-D climbing tower with more than 25 routes and four 
auto belays. 

Another nice feature at the Aspen Recreation Center 
is the pool area. The James E. Moore Pool area 
features two pools. One pool is 25 yards in length 
and features six lanes, while the other pool is for 
recreation and has a two story slide, a lazy river, and 
spray features. You will also find a dry sauna, a steam 
room, and hot tubs in the pool area.

The Lewis Ice Arena is also located at the Aspen 
Recreation Center. Completed in the Spring of 2003, 
the arena features an NHL regulation size skating 
surface, grandstand seating for 450, a skate shop, 
locker rooms, and shower rooms. Public skating, 
skating lessons, figure skating, youth and adult 
hockey, and skating shows are available. You can 
also host private parties at the arena. High altitude 
training is also offered here.

You will also find cardio and weight rooms at the 
center, and many fitness classes are also offered. 
The Aspen Recreation Center hosts many off-site 
activities in the Aspen area as well, such as golf, 
tennis, climbing, aquatics, sailing, skateboarding, 
ceramics classes, baseball, softball, soccer, 
hockey, and various camps. 

Babysitting services are available at the center as 
well. This place is a great way to wrap up a day of 
activity and wind down before your evening meal. 
Again, the Aspen Recreation Center closes just 
before 9pm, so make sure you head there right after 
leaving the slopes for the day.

Admission for guests is $13 for youths and $15 for 
adults. Admission includes access to the climbing 
towers, swimming pool area, ice skating rink, weight 
room, cardio room, adult fitness classes, water 
aerobics, climbing wall and playhouse, and tennis 
courts. The Aspen Recreation Center is a great place 
for every member of the family. Call ahead to find out 
about any planned events that are going on for even 
more entertainment options.

Aspen Nightlife – Aspen Dance Fest

If you have the opportunity to visit Aspen during 
July and August, you absolutely must use the 
opportunity to see many of the performances 
that are part of the Aspen Dance Fest. The 
Aspen Dance Fest features critically acclaimed 
contemporary dance companies from around 
the United States.

The Aspen Dance fest runs for five consecutive 
weeks each summer. The Aspen Santa Fe 
Ballet Company hosts and performs in the 
Aspen Dance Fest. The company is made up 
of eleven dancers who were all classically
trained. The school was founded in 1995 by 
Bebe Schweppe. The company’s debut was 
in 1996 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the 
Performing Arts.

All performances for The Aspen Dance Fest 
are held at the Aspen District Theatre, which is 
located inside the Aspen Elementary School on 
Maroon Creek Road. For a wonderful evening of 
entertainment and culture, be sure to catch at 
least one performance during the Aspen Dance 
Fest – even if you have to make a special 
summer trip to Aspen to do it. You may also catch
performances by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet 
Company closer to home when they go on tour 
each year.

Aspen Nightlife – Art Galleries

Aspen is famous for more than skiing. There are currently more than thirty art galleries in and around the Aspen area, where art created by famous artists around the world resides. Visiting the art galleries in Aspen is a must, and no Aspen vacation will be complete without this taste of culture. Most of the art galleries are within walking distance of each other, arranged in a three by four block area. This area is located between Spring Street and Monarch Street, and Hopkins Avenue and Durant Street. You will find everything from vintage poster art at the Omnibus Gallery to Impressionism art at the Galerie Du Bois. Visit the Highline Gallery for glass art and the Pam Driscol Gallery for bronze sculpture art. Contemporary collections can be found at the Baldwin Gallery. While some galleries are open after hours, many close around 5pm. It is important to find out the operating hours of the galleries that you want to visit ahead of time. Many shows and events are planned at the galleries for the evening hours as well.

Aspen Nightlife and the Altitude

There is more to do in Aspen than ski! The 
Aspen nightlife is like nothing you will 
experience elsewhere. The warmth and 
camaraderie of all of the skiers, from all of the 
different lodges is quite special, and remarkable. 
You will have a good time in Aspen, no matter 
what you choose to do, but there is one thing 
that you should be very aware of before you 
start your party – the altitude.

Aspen sits about 8000 feet above sea level. 
Unless you live in a high altitude area, you will 
need to adjust to this altitude. You may find 
yourself feeling dizzy or light headed, and you 
may even find it a bit difficult to breath. Altitude 
Sickness is a serious problem, and if your 
symptoms become extreme, you should seek 
medical attention.

If you will be drinking, you need to know that the 
altitude will have a large impact on the way your 
body handles the alcohol. Many people who are 
not used to such a high altitude find that they 
become drunker on much less alcohol, in a very 
short period of time. It is best that you avoid 
drinking alcohol at all until you have adjusted 
to the altitude. 

It is also important to recognize the signs of 
both Altitude sickness and Acute Mountain 
Sickness (AMS). Altitude sickness can be 
recognized by hyperventilation, shortness of 
breath during exertion, increased urination, 
changed breathing patterns at night, strange 
dreams, and frequently waking from sleep 
during the night. Acute Mountain Sickness, on 
the other hand, is recognized by loss of appetite, 
nausea, vomiting, fatigue or weakness, 
dizziness, light-headedness, difficulty sleeping, 
confusion, and a staggering gait.  

As you can see, the symptoms of both Altitude 
Sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness 
somewhat resemble the symptoms of drinking 
too much alcohol. The only way to rule out being 
drunk is to not drink for at least 48 hours after 
your arrival in the higher altitude. You should 
also seek medical attention if your symptoms 
last more than 48 hours, or if you show signs 
of Acute Mountain Sickness. AMS can be 
deadly if it is not treated.

Health care professionals suggest that you 
avoid drinking alcohol because the effects are 
magnified at a high altitude. Avoid strenuous 
activity for the first couple of days after arriving 
at the higher altitude. Drink extra fluid and visit 
a doctor if you have symptoms of AMS 
immediately for treatment.

Aspen Nightlife

Finding things to do in Aspen, Colorado during the 
day isn’t difficult – get out on the slopes and ski or 
enjoy one of the other winter sports that you love. 
At night, however, Aspen really comes to life with 
Aspen nightlife! No matter how old or young you are, 
there is something to do in Aspen twenty-four hours 
a day, seven days a week.

Music and dancing are the biggest Aspen nightlife 
attractions, but there is more to do than just that – 
so if you aren’t quite old enough to get into the 
various bars and clubs in the area, don’t think that 
you will be bored at night – you won’t be! Start by 
finding out what activities are planned for the 
evening at your lodge or hotel. Most lodges and 
hotels have events planned throughout the season 
– and this is a good place to start finding things to 
do after the slopes have closed for the day.

Shopping in Aspen is another highlight. There are 
many galleries and specialty shops that you won’t 
find in your own hometown. Take advantage of this. 
Most shops are open after the slopes have closed 
for the day, and many stay open late because they 
understand that you want to spend your daylight 
hours out on the slopes.

If you aren’t old enough for the club scene, take 
advantage of the teen nights that are offered by many 
of the resorts. These are safe fun nights for teens, 
which parents will approve of.  Teens also enjoy the 
offerings at many of the spas. Spas aren’t just for 
adults. Enjoy the skin treatments, massages, 
saunas, and hot tubs. Some resorts also have game 
rooms for the teens and younger kids.

If you are old enough for the bars and clubs – finding 
something to do won’t be hard at all. Again, find out 
what is happening in the evening at your lodge or 
hotel first. If you aren’t interested, hit the streets. 
Almost everything is within walking distance in Aspen, 
and anything that is out of walking distance is 
accessible by bus or taxi. If you will be drinking, 
do not drive your car to the bar or club – find 
alternate transportation.

The Aspen Recreation center has many planned 
events throughout the season that are appropriate for 
adults and kids. However, if you are planning to bring 
the kids, but you want to enjoy some adult Aspen 
nightlife as well, child care may be available through 
your lodge or hotel.