Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aspen Nightlife – Music in the Mountains

There is always something of interest going on 
in Aspen, and September is no different. During 
the month of September, every year, JAS 
comes to Snowmass. JAS, or Jazz Aspen 
Snowmass, began in 1991 to honor the art of 
Jazz in the Roaring Fork Valley. It has now 
become a music attraction that lasts all 
summer long, with the biggest celebration 
coinciding with Labor Day weekend.

While this is a Jazz celebration, for all intents 
and purposes, all types of music are 
celebrated, including reggae and rock-n-roll. 
Famous musicians and singers from around 
the world attend the four day Music in the 
Mountains celebration.

All events take place in the breathtaking 
Snowmass Town Park, located on Brush 
Creek Road in Snowmass. Snowmass 
Village is one of the most beautiful places in 
the United States, and this festival is extremely 
popular. It is vital that you purchase your tickets 
well in advance, and arrange lodging well in 
advance also. Snowmass advises that if you 
do not have a ticket, to not show up for the 
festival – it will be sold out.