Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aspen Nightlife – Aspen Dance Fest

If you have the opportunity to visit Aspen during 
July and August, you absolutely must use the 
opportunity to see many of the performances 
that are part of the Aspen Dance Fest. The 
Aspen Dance Fest features critically acclaimed 
contemporary dance companies from around 
the United States.

The Aspen Dance fest runs for five consecutive 
weeks each summer. The Aspen Santa Fe 
Ballet Company hosts and performs in the 
Aspen Dance Fest. The company is made up 
of eleven dancers who were all classically
trained. The school was founded in 1995 by 
Bebe Schweppe. The company’s debut was 
in 1996 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the 
Performing Arts.

All performances for The Aspen Dance Fest 
are held at the Aspen District Theatre, which is 
located inside the Aspen Elementary School on 
Maroon Creek Road. For a wonderful evening of 
entertainment and culture, be sure to catch at 
least one performance during the Aspen Dance 
Fest – even if you have to make a special 
summer trip to Aspen to do it. You may also catch
performances by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet 
Company closer to home when they go on tour 
each year.