Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aspen Nightlife – Club Chelsea

The Club Chelsea is a fashionable club that is 
a traditional part of the Aspen nightlife social 
scene. Featuring a piano bar, a dining area, a 
dance floor, and a private smoking room, this 
is high-toned entertainment at its very best. 

The Club Chelsea bar offers single malts, 
cognacs, martinis, and ports, and in the 
smoking room, you will find Havana and A. 
Fuente cigars. The club is open from 8pm to 
2am daily, and is located on East Hyman 
Avenue. A light menu is offered, featuring 
gourmet dishes such as pastas, tenderloins,
and tamales. Everything about Club Chelsea 
screams elegance. 

The chances are good that you will not run into 
the college crowd here. The majority of the 
patrons seem to be older – starting with the 30 
and 40 year old crowds, with some seniors 
thrown in for good measure. This is elegant 
‘grown up’ entertainment, where you won’t find 
a lot of noise or people who have had too much 
to drink. 

So, if you are past the college drinking contests 
and wet T-shirt competition age, you will find 
Club Chelsea a delightful and elegant place 
where you can while away the evening with 
great food, fabulous drinks, wonderful piano 
music, and outstanding cigars.