Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aspen Nightlife – The Sneaker Ball

You may have been to many balls in your 
lifetime, such as Christmas Balls, Spring Balls,
and even Debutante Balls – but if you haven’t 
been to the Sneaker Ball in Aspen, Colorado, 
you are missing out on all the fun! Known as 
‘Aspen’s Greatest Party,’ the Sneaker Ball is 
held annually at the St. Regis Hotel on East 
Dean Street every March.

Back in 1986, the very first Sneaker Ball was 
held by Al Gross and David Nauss of Paine 
Weber, Inc – in Boston. The party was a 
celebration of Reebok shares trading on the 
stock market for the very first time. This black 
tie event was much like other balls – but 
everyone was wearing Reeboks, and the first 
Sneaker Ball was born.

The following year, Al Gross decided that this 
was the kind of party that people really liked – 
but instead of being limited to white Reeboks, 
the idea would be for the guests to wear formal 
gowns and tuxedos, with decorated tennis 
shoes. The party was moved to Aspen, where 
people know how to party – and thousands of 
people from all over the world fly into Aspen to 

One of the nicest things guests like about the 
Sneaker Ball is that it is for a good cause. All 
of the proceeds go to Grass Roots, which is a 
program designed to help inner-city kids. These 
kids are brought to Aspen to experience what
 life outside the city is. Many of these kids don’t 
even realize that places like Aspen really exist.
 Tickets cost $125 per person, which isn’t too 
bad considering that the money is for a good 

People from diverse backgrounds attend the 
Sneaker Ball each year. Famous people are 
there, infamous people, and people who are 
neither famous nor infamous attend – and 
every one has a fantastic time. The party gets 
started at about 9:30pm and ends around 
1:30am – followed by many ‘after parties’ in 
various locations throughout Aspen. 

If you’ve ever wanted to attend one of those 
glitzy ‘Hollywood type’ parties, here is your 
chance! You will rub elbows with the famous, 
show off your custom designed sneakers 
along with your formal wear, and dance the 
night away – and all for a very good cause.  

This is an event that sells out fast. Contact the 
Chamber of Commerce in Aspen to find out 
when the Sneaker Ball is scheduled, and 
purchase your tickets right away. Also check 
with the various hotels and lodges to inquire 
about package deals and get your 
reservations set before everything is sold out!