Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aspen Nightlife – The Crystal Palace

If you like comedy, you should visit The Crystal 
Palace. This Aspen landmark was established 
in 1957, and has been offering quality dining 
with satire comedy ever since. The interior of 
the restaurant is done in a Victorian style, with 
beautiful stained glass windows, sparkling 
chandeliers, and vintage furnishings.

If you take politics very seriously, this may not 
be the type of comedy you enjoy. The majority 
of the comedy acts and musicals have a 
political slant to them, and the staff performs 
most of the acts. The Crystal Palace is located
 in the heart of downtown Aspen, on Hyman 

The food is the best you can find anywhere. 
Prime Rib, Rack of Lamb, Fish, Seafood, and 
Roast Duckling are served. Don’t make the 
mistake of just showing up – call ahead for 
reservations. The Crystal Palace is open 
Tuesday through Sunday in the evening for 
dinner and a show. You should definitely make
 it a point to eat here at least once while you 
are on your Aspen vacation, as this is a 
traditional part of Aspen nightlife for locals and