Sunday, November 3, 2013

Speak out your Mind and get paid for it!

There has always been a lot of talk about online surveys being a veritable source
of income. So how good are they? The fact is that online auctions can bring in
money, but they won‟t make you a millionaire. If you are looking at a method of
online income that can help pay some of your bills or pay for the groceries and
some other utilities, then online surveys could be an interesting way to do it.
But why do surveys work in the first place? These surveys are a parameter for the
manufacturers to improve upon their products. By the opinions people put in
these surveys, manufacturers come to know what they must do in order to
improve the prospects of their products. They come to know how they can
increase the business potential of their products.
And for that reason, they don‟t mind paying people who speak their mind out. It
becomes almost a research subject for them, on their own product, and it helps
them immensely for their product betterment. A company that conducts a lot of
surveys also gets better credibility on the Internet because people speak favorably
about the company. They get the impression that the company really cares for the
preferences of its clients. It really helps in this world where viral marketing is
slowly becoming the norm.
So, where do you get online survey sites where you can chip in your tuppence and
get a lot of money for it? The answer is – all over the Internet. Just do a casual
search on the Internet and you will find a host of sites waiting for you.
Here are two of the more popular ones:-
 Free Paid Surveys (
 Survey Monkey (
There are two types of survey sites – paid and free. The paid ones carry an
assurance of better income and you can get surveys that better match up to your
preferences and interests. However, to get into the mould, you could start off with
a free site and see how it goes. Remember that this mode is not going to make you
rich, but will garner some income on the side.