Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brokering – The Route to Some Online Income

Everyone knows what brokering means in the real world; on the Internet it
means the same thing. Essentially, you don‟t have a product of your own here,
but you have a product that belongs to someone else which you promote. You
find customers for it and you get paid commission for effectuating the sale. The
seller pays you the commission, which could be moderated through a site.
There are many ways in which brokering happens. The commonest route is
through the middleperson approach. You don‟t own the product, but you just
promote it and bring about the sale. Usually, when you are the middleperson, you
earn commissions from the buyer and the seller both. But the main thing is that
the sale has to work out to the very end. It has to close. Failed sales don‟t pay you
anything for your efforts.
The joint venture partner brokering is another subset within this main theme.
Here you bring about joint venture collaborations between different marketers.
These collaborations are the spine of most online businesses. People come
together to make up for what they lack. If you become instrumental in getting the
right people to partner with each other, there are various ways in which you can
benefit. You can get paid for your services or you can actually get a share of the
business that is to happen.
Another type of brokering is service brokering. Here you find the right service
people to carry out particular services for people who need them. You could find
them through online freelance sites or you could approach some people directly.
Here are some sites where you could learn more about brokering and even join
into the opportunities.
 Joint Venture Broker (
 JV Web (
 JV Wisdom (
Brokering may not bring you a large amount of income. There is a lot of
networking involved and you need to have some contacts, or at least put in the
time to build contacts. However, it is a good opportunity – and a moneymaking
one too – if you are able to devote the time and the effort for it.