Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ski Vacations – What To Pack

If you will be traveling for a ski vacation, it is often 
difficult to know what to pack. You may not even 
have a problem knowing what to pack, but instead 
have a problem figuring how to get everything that 
you need from your home to your destination. Skis 
do not easily fit into suitcases, and if you are flying, 
this presents a huge problem.

Start by knowing what is available at your destination. 
Is there a rental shop? How much are the rental fees 
for skis, boots, and poles. If it is reasonable, and you 
don’t mind skiing with rented equipment, this is a 
viable option – and it makes packing and traveling 
much easier. 

If you don’t care for rented equipment, there is 
another option. Find out if there are any ski shops in 
the area. There usually are. Get prices on skis, poles, 
and boots, and then ask if they buy used equipment. 
If they don’t, ask if there is anyone near by that does 
purchase used equipment. Call that place to get an 
estimate on how much you could get for barely 
used ski equipment. Figure the difference in the 
money you will spend on the ski equipment, and the 
money you will get for the used equipment when you 
are finished with it. If it isn’t much more than what it 
would cost you to rent the equipment, go for it!

Ski suits, ski jackets, and sweaters can be very 
bulky, and hard to pack. These items will take up a 
lot of room in your suitcase, and leave less room for 
other clothing and essentials. If you are trying to 
pack for a two week ski vacation, it will be impossible 
to fit everything you need into one suitcase. 

There is a way to solve this. Call the lodge or resort 
where you will be staying. Tell them that you need 
to ship a package, for yourself, to them, and that 
you need that package to be there when you arrive. 
Ask them if they will hold it for you at the desk. In 
most cases, they will. Next, get a box, put all of 
your ski suits, your ski jacket, and any other 
bulky items in the box, and ship it to yourself, in 
care of the lodge or resort. Shipping can be 
overnight, two day, or three day depending on 
how far it must travel. Depending on how much 
the box weighs, you will usually pay less than 
fifty dollars to ship a package in the continental 
United States….which is a lot less than you 
would pay an airline for extra baggage!